Sevek: The Boy Who Refused to Die

“Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die” is a compelling and unique look at the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of a child. It is written this way so that children –our future – can relate, learn and be inspired by Sevek’s experiences and Sid and booklessons. That is why more than 70 schools use this text as part of their Holocaust education curriculum. Yet the story and its lessons will also resonate for adults. The book provides readers with:

  • A complete overview of the impact of the Holocaust, beginning with a description of Sevek’s happy and normal life before the Nazi invasion of Poland.
  • A look at the Holocaust through the eyes of a child. Sevek was eight when the Nazis invaded his hometown; he was 13 when he was liberated from the concentration camps.
  • An uplifting testament to the power of hope, courage and forgiveness. The book details the many miracles that resulted in Sevek’s surviving life in a ghetto, a slave labor camp, Buchenwald concentration camp and even typhus.
  • Finally, a testament to the healing powers of telling your story. The book describes how Sevek – now Sidney – was finally able to discuss his experiences after nearly 50 years of silence.

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“It is a gift to us that Sidney has found a way of teaching us much about human endurance and hope.” – KENNETH WALTZER, Professor and Director of Jewish Studies, Michigan State University

“This book rivals ‘Night’. Sevek’s story evokes the world of the Holocaust simply and directly.” – DR. LARRY FREEMAN, literary scholar, Former Dean, College of Education, Governor’s State University

“This was a powerfully moving book. I would recommend this book because you will never look at your life the same way again.” – KELLY, AGE 13