The Holocaust was arguably the darkest period in world history.
Its stories and lessons need to be heard. ..lest we forget.

For decades, Holocaust survivor Sidney Finkel has been telling the inspiring story of his harrowing journey. The seven-year-old boy from Poland would be sent to labor and concentration camps before finding his way to England and, eventually, the United States.

Sidney’s goal now is to educate people by telling his story of suffering, perseverance and hope, so they can know about both the dark side and bright side of the human spirit and not forget what happened in the past. He has visited more than 300 schools, and more than 70 schools use his book as part of their Holocaust education curriculum. He has also spoken to religious organizations, businesses, professional associations and veterans groups.

Sidney’s story teaches us:

  • Inhumanity and suffering did and do still exist
  • Racial, religious and ethnic hate (including Anti-Semitism) did and do still exist
  • We all have a choice — we can stand by silently or we stand up to inhumanity and hate
  • We can counter inhumanity and hatred with lessons that promote tolerance, understanding, compassion and acceptance

Would you like Sidney to share his experiences with you? Here is how.

“It will move all those who want to know why, in those dark times of evil, so much suffering was inflicted on children your age. You know how deeply I feel about memory. Many readers will thank you for yours.”
Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel

Email Sidney at to learn more about how he can assist you with Holocaust Education in your classroom.