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I have spent the past 25 years sharing my Holocaust story with thousands of students in hundreds of schools across the United States, Canada and Germany. My goal is to educate children about the Holocaust through my personal story of suffering, perseverance and hope. I believe that:

  • Humanity and suffering did and do still exist
  • Racial, religious and ethnic hate (including Anti-Semitism) did and do still exist
  • We all have a choice — we can stand by silently or we can stand up to inhumanity and hatred
  • We can counter inhumanity and hate with tolerance, understanding, compassion and acceptance

The best way to bring my story and these lessons into your classroom is by using my book “Sevek and the Holocaust, the Boy Who Refused to Die” along with the Teacher’s Guide. Your class can also view my complimentary companion video. And I can Skype into your classroom for a Q&A session.

Email Sidney at to learn more about how he can assist you with Holocaust Education in your classroom.

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