Sidney In The Classroom

It is essential that children be educated about the past. They need to understand the Holocaust happened, and that people are capable of committing acts of unspeakable atrocity toward each other. At the same time, they need to grasp what powerful forces hope and perseverance are, and how vital they are in allowing people to survive and thrive.

These are the points Sidney has relayed to thousands of children. Students today at public, private and religious schools can engage with Sidney through a DVD, and then can talk to him via Skype.

The DVD includes Sidney’s powerful narrative. Students will:

Learn what it was like for a seven-year-old child to survive the Jewish Ghetto and the liquidation of the Jewish population of his home town.

Visualize the horrors and atrocities Sevek experienced in various labor camps…atrocities that humans are only capable of when they replace humanity with hatred.

Discover what it was like to exist (not live) in Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where Sevek and 700 other children were saved by the prisoners.

Appreciate what it was like to finally find freedom with the final liberation of the concentration camp at Theresienstadt.

The DVD also includes a video of Sevek’s family members and others from his hometown who did not survive. This video is accompanied by music and gives the students time for reflection before Sidney begins a question and answer session over Skype.

Through this experience, students should learn the following important lessons:

  • That inhumanity and suffering did and do still exist
  • That racial, religious and ethnic hate did and do still exist
  • That we all have a choice; we can stand by silently or we can stand up to inhumanity and hate
  • That we can counter inhumanity and hate with tolerance, understanding, compassion and acceptance

Email Sidney at to learn more about how he can assist you with Holocaust Education in your classroom.

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